Moon lessons

Moonfacts Beyond the appendix at the back of Moonglow, young readers can learn more about the moon here. For example, do all planets have moons? From Peggy Dickerson Moonglow takes the reader on a walk through the forest on a full moon night.  Encourage your child to list the planets in our universe. They can […]

Lesson at a freshwater pond

As the ponds thaw and fill with spring rains it is a wonderful time to explore a local pond with your children. In preparation for this lesson, be sure to dress appropriately. Rubber boots are a good idea since the edge of ponds are often muddy. Take a scoop (and old plastic pitcher or milk […]

Fun with BIG words.

Fun with BIG words Vocabulary After 30 years of teaching I learned that children love the challenge of big words like metamorphosis or transpiration. They might not connect to the simpler words like atom, ion, larva, etc. But they are intrigued with “big words”. Here is a list of some “big words” or cool vocabulary […]