Moonglow shines in its first 5 weeks

What an amazing month May has been for Mooglow! Since the release on May 1st we have been able to share our book’s journey with many children and adults. We were honored to meet other local authors at one of our local libraries meet and greet programs at the beginning of the month. Then we …

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Song Birds

Song birds My father was a naturalist, appreciating and enjoying all aspects of the natural world, but his first love was for the birds in his backyard. Bird watching is something I learned at a very young age. My father loved identifying birds, not only by their colored feathers but by their songs, their characteristics …

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Animal Adaptations

Lesson #5: Animal Adaptations The Adapted Turtle: Brumation For turtles, Brumation occurs in winter when thier bodies slow down. This allows them to survive the winter snow when their pond that might freeze over. (Move your mouse up and down…)  Animals survive by adapting to their environments. These adaptations can be anything from the shape …

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Scared of Snakes?

The illustrations take the young reader into an eastern North America forest. A factual appendix at the back of the book invites the young reader to learn more about the woodland creatures as well as interesting facts about the moon.
This teaching aid is filled with vocabulary, science and creative writing lessons.

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