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The Moonglow is getting rave reviews...

“Beautifully illustrated and written with a flair for exciting curiosity, Moonglow’s fanciful escapades by cryptic nocturnal animals ignite the imagination, inviting us to turn off the outside lights and explore the nighttime drama of nature. Individual species profiles, following the “break of day,” shed the light of science on animals that get magically frisky under the spell of a full moon, Peggy Dickerson’s writing, and Cynthia Wells’ fantastic illustrations.”
~ Louise Harrison 

“Nature comes alive in this digital version of Moonglow.  Peggy’s poetic narration enhances Cynthia’s beautiful illustrations for all, while beginning readers can enjoy the story on their own.  The animated Natural History, Moon Facts and website materials/lessons give additional content for readers to explore and enrich their knowledge of the natural world.”

Carolyn Menard, Retired teacher


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Cover for digital version

This Moonglow ebook by Peggy Dickerson is fully interactive!

~Video and read-along by the author

~Birds, animals and insects animate on the page

~Use all the gestures to swipe, pinch open/close, move, on your ebook device

~With links to lessons on this website

~Illustrations that glow on the screen (that cannot be reproduced in a printed book)

~Compatible on Mac, PC, tablets and smart phones (some platforms require readers) 

We think kids will immerse themselves in the ebook, building their curiosity and interest in our natural history.

This Moonglow ebook by Peggy Dicksrson takes the young reader into a moonlit forest where magical things can happen. Realistic animals are caught in the moonbeams as birds, deer, fireflies, frogs, and water striders magically play among indigenous plants. A factual appendix at the back of the book invites the young reader to learn more about the woodland creatures as well as interesting facts about the moon. This teaching aid is filled with vocabulary, science, and natural history lessons.