Lesson #5: Animal Adaptations

The Adapted Turtle: Brumation

For turtles, Brumation occurs in winter when thier bodies slow down. This allows them to survive the winter snow when their pond that might freeze over. (Move your mouse up and down…) 

Animals survive by adapting to their environments. These adaptations can be anything from the shape of their mouth or beak to the speed of their dive or run. Camouflage is an adaptation, so is having more than one stomach to digest food. 

(Did you know deer, like cows, chew their food after they have grazed so they can leave an empty field where they may have been seen and caught by a predator?)  Another form of adaptation is hibernation (to survive a cold period of time when there is less food), migration (to survive a cold period of time and move to a warmer more food abundant area) and brumation (when an animal’s body systems slow down allowing it to survive the colds, but they are not totally asleep).

Fill in the adaptations that the animals make in Moonglow: (like below…)

Turtles – Survive the cold because of Brumation

Snakes – Survive what? because of what adaptaion?

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