At the Pond

As the ponds thaw and fill with spring rains it is a wonderful
time to explore a local pond with your children. In preparation
for this lesson, be sure to dress appropriately. Rubber boots
are a good idea since the edge of ponds are often muddy. Take
a scoop (and old plastic pitcher or milk jug works great).

Two common water insects at a fresh water pond that were in
MOONGLOW, are the water strider and water boatman.
After a few scoops in the pond you should have a few
specimens to observe. Pour your water into a shallow plastic
(always a better idea to use plastic containers with children)
light colored dish or tray.

Have the children discuss the insects; color, movement, body
parts, etc. The have them focus their observations on the
insects legs; how many they have and how they use them for
movement. Further investigation would be to have the children
research how and why a water strider can walk on top of the
water. Hint; something to do with surface tension!