How it all began

After 30 years of teaching young children and raising my own kids I felt a yearning to write my own childrens picture book. The words for the text came to me one night when I woke and noticed the amazing moon glow outside my kitchen window. I went back to bed with pen in hand […]


Opossums can be nasty, vicious marsupials (animals that carry their young in a pouch, like a kangaroo).  So I was very excited when Cynthia, Moonglow’s artist, portrayed them as cute! In the natural world they are nocturnal and scavengers that also eat plants and small animals. They are well known in fiction and non-fiction stories […]

The oral storytelling tradition

An oral storytelling tradition Storytelling is an art, a skill, a talent passed down from generation to generation. It actually, was the very first medium for books. Verbal history is still valued today. Historians spend precious time with persons of interest to record their stories and memories of days past for posterity. My father was […]